Butterfly Obsession ~ Week 10

Wow, this has been 10+ weeks of learning! I was very intimated before I even started, but after watching a video tutorial for Paper Piecing from Connecting Threads, I felt more at ease about taking on this project. After the first square, I knew lining the pieces up was dire for good-looking squares. That first square was my most wonky one and, in the end, resulted in my wall hanging being not lined up as well. Even though it has errors, even though it isn’t perfectly straight, this was an amazing first paper piecing project! I’ll eventually be working smaller, 3 butterfly square wall hangings to practice getting my edges straight but I think my next project will be a clothing item, as it is Just for Me January and I LOVE making myself clothes!!

So these past two weeks, I knew I wanted matching edging around each square. My first task was to add that. I thought things were going smoothly until I started sewing those together. They were harder to line up that I thought they would be and my first square, the wonky one, didn’t help when it wasn’t the same size as the others. You can see the lighter blue in the upper left corner being way off.

If your just joining us, Stephanie from Smalltown Dreamz and myself, were working up 9 butterfly charm squares using the FREE pattern, Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella Stitchery. To see all blocks, check out the previous weeks: Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4, Block 5, Block 6, Block 7, Block 8, and block 9. Stephanie’s wall hanging turned out amazing! You can check her’s out here.

My sewing passion lies with clothing, but paper piecing is so fun that I encourage everyone that loves sewing to try it! Hope you enjoyed these passed weeks with us. Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried paper piecing, or what your favorite thing to sew is.

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